Tile Cleaning

Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaning

Everyone knows how difficult it is to get a set in grout stain out, it’s almost impossible. Our specialized tile cleaning attachment will thoroughly remove dirt and grime from the tile surface and grout.

Grout is a porous surface, which means over time, dirt and grime build up in the surface holes of your stone, tile and grout flooring, turning them into a breeding ground for bacteria. This is especially true in areas like the bathroom and kitchen, where germs can run rampant. It’s important to do everything you can to cut down on the spread of bacteria. While regular sweeping and mopping are helpful at keeping excessive build-up at bay, those don’t deliver the deep tile and grout cleaning that your floors really need.

Over the course of 35 years, we have experimented with many different compounds and solutions to effectively treat tile and grout stains. As a result, we have developed specially formulated cleaning agents that lift stains out on a molecular level.


VCT(Vinyl Composite Tile)

Vinyl Composit Tiles are something that everyone is familiar with, but may not know the name of. Freshly waxed supermarket floors are a perfect example of VCT flooring. In addition to ceramic tile, we also offer strip and wax services for VCT. 

In a matter of mere hours, you can have the floor of your business or storage space looking shiny and brand new with our VCT cleaning services.

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